Our mission at ASRI is to support our government customers and industry partners in providing technical and programmatic solutions to develop, improve and sustain complex aerospace and defense systems.

We distinguish ourselves from other competition via:

Motivated Workforce

  • By promoting a People-Oriented Corporate Culture to enhance employee morale
  • By providing professional development and career advancement opportunities to enhance employee performance



541712 (Small)
541330 – Mil & Aerospace Equip

FAR 52.203-13
Business Ethics and Compliance Certified
Approved Purchasing System
Approved Accounting System


Our Vision

To ensure our customers receive the best value support and top quality service/products by fostering a corporate environment that promotes innovation and continuous self-improvement in all aspects of our mission.

Our Values

People: ASRI’s Employees – Key to Its Continued Success!
• Strategic Plan and Company Policy emphasizes employee development, technical proficiency enhancement and overall job satisfaction

Innovation: Totally Committed to Improving Capabilities
• Identify opportunities and allocate resources to expand technical capabilities to position ASRI for future challenges

Teamwork: ASRI & Client: Partners on the Same Team
• Identify the immediate and strategic goals of current / targeted markets and customers to assure that ASRI planning and actions are synchronized with our customers’ needs

Ethics: Good Ethics is Good Business • All plans and activities of ASRI (strategic or otherwise) conform to the highest standards of business ethics and fairness to both our customers and employees

Customers: Total Satisfaction Assured by Sustained Quality performance
• Identify the methodologies for ensuring that ASRI can hire and retain experienced and qualified employees who can immediately satisfy customer requirements, as well as to develop the workforce to meet new challenges and enhance job satisfaction
• Allocate financial and other resources to reward employees for outstanding individual and group performance in support of the customer’s mission and objectives

People-oriented corporate values & culture are key to achieve our goal of customer satisfaction.